Column/Bar Chart

Properties of Column/Bar Chart

  1. Id - unique identifier of the control
  2. Definitiion – opens up the Definition Dialog Screen
  3. Visible - set a boolean value or a variable with type boolean from the Model to control the visibility property

Definition Dialog Screen

  1. Title - title of the chart
  2. Model – model to be used
  3. Entity Set – entity set to be used based from the model assigned
  4. Type - selection for Bar or Column chart
  5. Dimension - Dimension field name and value
  6. Measure - Measure field name and value
  7. Filters – set the filters to be passed onto the model
  8. Width  - width setting 
  9. Height - height setting 

Step-by-step guide

How to add Column/Bar Chart

  1. Right click on a Page, Form Element or from any elements under Add Layout and select Add Chart-→ Add Pie/Donut Chart
  2. A Column/Bar Chart control has been added