List Tree

Properties of List Tree

  1. Id - unique identifier of the control
  2. Model – model to be used
  3. Entity Set – entity set to be used based from the model assigned
  4. Filters – set the filters to be passed into the model
  5. Selection Mode - selection for the list mode sap.m.ListMode
  6. Visible - set a boolean value or a variable with type boolean from the Model to control the visibility property
  7. Actions on Select - executes the javascript function assigned for this event
  8. Advanced - properties of the control not available in the above list can be added here. 

    Setting Additional Properties provides further information about the Advanced property

Properties of Standard Tree Item

  1. Id - unique identifier of the control
  2. Title - defines the title of the item
  3. Icon - select from the dropdown list of available icons

Step-by-step guide

How to add a List Tree

  1. Right click on a Page, Form Element or from any elements under Add Layout and select Add List Tree

  2. A List Tree Control has been added
  3. Right click on the Tree Control and select Add Standard Tree Item
  4. A Standard Tree Item Control has been added