Tile Container

Properties of Tile Container

  1. Id - unique identifier of the control
  2. Entity Set - entity set definition

Custom Tiles are needed for the Tile Container to function completely
Properties of Custom Tiles

  1. Id - unique identifier of the control
  2. Style Class - assign a predefined SAPUI5 CSS or a CSS class defined in the CSS of the App
  3. On Press - executes the javascript function assigned for this event

Step-by-step guide

How to add Tile Container

  1. Right click on a Page or from any elements under Add Layout and select Add Other-→ Add Tile Container

  2. A Tile Container Control has been added
  3. Right click on the Tile Container and select Add Custom Tile
  4. A Custom Tile has been added
  5. Right click on the Custom Tile to add the relevant controls