Properties of VBox

  1. Id - unique identifier of the control
  2. Align Content - alignment container lines when there's extra space along the cross-axis
  3. Align Items - alignment of the elements from top to bottom
  4. Justify Content - alignment of the elements from left to right
  5. Wrap - determines the wrapping behavior of the control
  6. Style Class - assign a predefined SAPUI5 CSS or a CSS class defined in the CSS of the App
  7. Width - width setting 
  8. Height - height setting
  9. Visible - set a boolean value or a variable with type boolean from the Model to control the visibility property
  10. Items - items within the flexible box layout
  11. Advanced - properties of the control not available in the above list can be added here. 

    Setting Additional Properties provides further information about the Advanced property

Step-by-step guide

How to add an VBox

  1. Right click on a Page, Form Element or from any elements under Add Layout and select Add VBox

  2. An VBox control has been added
  3. UI Elements can be added under the VBox Control by doing a Right click from it