2.13 Enhancing the MyForms Display

MyForms - Adding Additional Information

When creating applications, it is often useful to provide additional information for the instance of the application to assist users, approvers and administrators to identify and distinguish between the many entries.  As you can see in the screenshot below, there are multiple instances of the application named Test.  As a user, I have no idea what is contained in each of those instances which forces me to open each one individually and look at the data.

To help users identify the individual instances of an application, a method can be redefined in the implementation class that will allow a custom string to be generated that will display in the row like the screenshot provided below.

The method to be redefined is called FORMAT_MY_FORMS_ATTRIBUTE and can be found by opening your implementation class in SE80 or SE24.  There is only one parameter in the class that needs to be populated.

Example Implementation Code:

data: lv_field_name type /iqx/field_name,

  lv_field_name = 'ExpenditureAmount'.

  call method me->get_value_of_field
      i_field_name  = lv_field_name
      i_instance    = gs_header_instance-zinstance
      e_field_value = e_value.

  write e_value to lv_value currency 'AUD'.
  e_value = '$' && lv_value.

This example will output the value contained in the field ExpenditureAmount prefixed with a $ sign.