Custom Fiori Launchpad

This article demonstrates how to configure a Custom Fiori Launchpad for a Stand-Alone App in FAB Workbench.


Step 1

Create an application in transaction /n/IQX/FAB and define the following setting in the Properties dialog:

Define a Semantic Object, Action, and Generate the Implementing Class for the application.

Click Save.

Step 2

Go to transaction /n/UI2/SEMOBJ and create a new entry for the Semantic Object defined in the Properties dialog.

For Central Hub Deployment, create the Semantic Object in the Hub Gateway system.

Step 3

Set the Preview Server in transaction /n/IQX/FAB → Settings → Options and click Save.

Step 4

Define the following settings in the Properties dialog:

  • Tick the flag for Stand-Alone UI5 App

  • Define the RFC Destination

This is the RFC Destination of the Hub Gateway system. This setting is applicable only for Central Hub Deployment where FAB development is done on the Backend system

  • Define the UI5 App Name

  • Click the Generate button to generate the UI5 Repository Path and the App Path

  • Copy the application URL

  • Click Save

Step 5

Set the Custom Fiori Launchpad URL in transaction /n/IQX/FAB_CONFIG → Stand-Alone Apps Launch URLs.

Step 6

Define the Roles, Forms, and Users for the application access in transaction /n/IQX/FAB_CONFIG.


Forms for Roles

Roles for Users

Step 7

View the application in the browser. The application is now deployed in the Custom Fiori Launchpad.

Launchpad URL:

Application URL: