Deployment of Apps

Select whether you are working in an On-Premise or Cloud the environment in order to get the correct instructions.

Best Practices:

  • For better performance, applications should be converted to a standalone application when moved into production.  This leverages standard caching techniques and will greatly improve the performance of the application.
  • When leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform to host the applications, the OData Provisioning service is recommended to eliminate complexities with working with different servers, URLs and authentication mechanisms.
  • The Fiori Launchpad (FLP) on the Gateway server or the SAP Cloud Platform Portal in the cloud should be used wherever possible to ensure a consistent approach for end-users to access all Fiori applications in the enterprise.
  • For organizations where FLP is not configured, an option for the AppBuilder launchpad is available.  This will only provide access to applications built in the AppBuilder tool.
  • Access to My Requests and My Approvals should be done through a custom FLP tile that will display the actual count of active requests and approvals.