On-Premise Deployment and Configuration

Applications developed or still in development with IQX AppBuilder are already executable through the Gateway system.  The standard SAP transport system is used to move the applications between clients and systems when it is ready to move into QA or Production.  This page describes how to transport the application between systems and provides instructions for the recommended best practice for deploying your applications into production.

Standard Transport

A standard transport mechanism can be used to transport the application metadata between systems or clients.  The details on this transport mechanism can be found in the help documentation here: 2.10 Transport.  The Import/Export function could also be used to transfer applications between systems and clients.

Implementation Classes

Any implementation classes that were created during development will also need to be moved between systems using the transports created during standard ABAP development.

Improving Performance (Standalone Applications)

All applications are created as dynamic applications by default.  Due to the high rate of change during the initial development cycle, a dynamic application provides benefits to the developers as changes can be seen instantaneously throughout development.  When an application is running in the default mode (dynamic), it does not make use of the standard caching mechanisms which could result in the application performance issues in a high-use production environment.

Conversion to a Standalone Application:

  1. Open the application you wish to convert.
  2. Click the Properties button.
  3. Check the "Stand-Alone UI5" checkbox.  (This will unhide a number of additional fields.  e.g. UI5 App Name, UI5 Repository Path)
  4. Supply an RFC Destination parameter if deploying to a separate Gateway system (Hub Deployments only)
  5. Supply a UI5 Application Name.  This is a BSP application and thus the standard SAP naming conventions apply.  Either place this in your own namespace or use a prefix of Y or Z.
  6. Click the generate button.

Your application is now available as a standard UI5 application that will leverage standard caching capabilities for performance improvements.

Advanced Development

An application can only be export to Eclipse or WebIDE if it has been converted to Stand Alone.