FAB 3.2.3

New Features

Release Notes

Release Notes

Attachments sent to OneList may encounter errors due to content retrieval failure, size limitation, or other reasons.

The error messages are notified to the OneList server, and the document monitoring table /IQX/OL_DOCUMENT is refreshed to reflect these errors.

The Purchase Order and Leave adapters send requestor information, including user ID and name, to OneList.

The /IQX/CL_FORMS_BASE_CLASS base class is implemented with a call to the GET_ONELIST_ATTACHMENTS method to fetch a list of attachments.

The form implementation class has been enhanced to return a list of attachments.

SAP worklist actions can now be associated with attachments, and these associations can be viewed in the audit log of the task.

The adapter model for OneList payload has been updated to include additional information, such as line item level attachment, document level attachment, attachment types, description, file name, attached by, and attached date.

The OneList sync scheduler has been enhanced to determine if a job for the workflow task type is due for execution.

If there are no active jobs, the adapter class for the task type will be instantiated and the GET_CHANGED_WORKLIST method will be executed.

Only if data exist for the workflow task type will the adapter job be triggered in the background and synchronize data with OneList.

A sync job for attachments is triggered in the background if there are documents in the /IQX/OL_DOCUMENT table waiting to be synchronized with OneList, no active jobs are currently running, and a job is due for execution.

When a user triggers an action in OneList by making a decision task, the action is synchronized with the source system via SYNC_ACTIONS.

The action is then executed as soon as the user completes the decision task.

The OneList sync scheduler has been enhanced to determine if a job for the workflow task type is due for execution.

If there are no active jobs, the adapter class for the task type will be instantiated and the GET_DELTA_WORKLIST method will be executed.

Only if data exist for the workflow task type will the adapter job be triggered in the background and synchronize data with OneList.

FAB Workflow was integrated with SAP Fiori My Inbox by linking the FAB instance to the SAP Workflow ID.

The API call from OneList will finalize the status based on the business object linked to the workflow task. The status may also be marked as COMPLETED if the top work item is empty.

The OneList scheduler program (/IQX/ONELIST_SCHEDULER) has been adjusted to support the 7.02 release.

The program now reads the Operation table to create an Operational Job (/IQX/ONELIST_SCHED_OPS).

The Operational Job then instantiates the Operations Class and executes the defined operation method (/IQX/ONELIST_SCHED_ADAPTER).

The Active flag in General Configuration now has a more descriptive label, making its purpose more clear.

The Submitted Date timestamp and Requested Date timestamp are both stored in the UTC TIMESTAMP format.

The compression and content-encoding attributes in the HTTP Rest client's PREPARE_CONNECTION and REST_POST methods are now set to "GZIP" by default.

The OneList server will be notified if the Sync Attachment API fails to send attachment content.

The OneList Adapter has been enhanced to provide better attachment management capabilities.

OneList framework scheduling performance has been improved by reducing the overall number of background jobs generated.

Process flow diagram now excludes levels that do not have any active tasks.

Bug Fixes

Release Notes

Release Notes

The function module /IQX/UPDATE_APPROVERS has been enhanced to improve the accuracy of duplicate line detection.

When there were multiple approval work items, not all attachments from these work items were pushed to OneList.

This issue has been fixed to ensure that all attachments are sent when synchronizing with OneList.

The OneList Base Class Adapter method for SYNC_DELTA_TASK_LIST has been updated with a code fix to send all attachments when synchronizing with OneList.

Fixed the URL generation for an instance when an alternative URL is configured.

Enhancement to prevent concurrency issues in parallel approval.

If one approver has already actioned the request, the other approver will be prompted to reload the request when they try to approve it.

This will ensure that the approver sees the most up-to-date information and can make an informed decision.

Change detection in the User Sync adapter is now case insensitive for email address, first name, and last name fields. This means that changes to these fields will be detected even if the capitalization is different.

The FAB Adapter will now consider the approval level 0 as the final snapshot in the Sync Business Object API call.

The Sign Out button has been fixed so that it now works when using the FAB Launch Pad.

When the administration app was used, such as the approval matrix app, it would sometimes retrieve incorrect instances of the app if the previous instance was deleted.

This could cause errors or unexpected behavior. This issue has been resolved. The approval matrix app will now correctly retrieve instances of the app, even if the previous instance was deleted.

In the SAP process flow, the hidden action property was linked to system tasks.
This issue has been resolved. System task actions are now always hidden in the taskbar.

When a system task was not required by the workflow requirements, the workflow would stop or hang because there was no default path setting available.

This issue has been resolved by adding a default path option for system tasks.

When an approval action was taken on a request, the comments from the previous approval action were duplicated on the subsequent action, even if no comment was provided.
This issue has been resolved. Comments from previous approval actions will no longer be duplicated on subsequent actions if no comment was provided.

When a default path was set up with parallel tasks at a certain level of approval, only one of those tasks was considered. This meant that the other parallel tasks were not executed, even if they were also eligible to be executed.

This issue has been resolved. All parallel tasks at a certain level of approval will now be considered, and they will be executed in parallel.

Users were unable to filter forms by Document Number in the IQX_MY_FORMS and IQX_FLP_MY_FORMS apps in the Admin view.

Document Number filter has been added to these apps. This allows users to filter the forms that they see based on the Document Number of the form.

The OneList scheduler would spawn new jobs even if there were already active jobs running. This could lead to performance issues and resource contention.

The OneList scheduler has been enhanced to only spawn new jobs when there are no active jobs running. This ensures that the scheduler does not overload the system with too many jobs running at the same time.

OneList PO Adapter is now retrieving the document type description.

Users were able to attach files to email approvals that exceeded the mailbox permitted capacity. This would result in an error message when generating the approval email in OneList.

Implemented a validation check to ensure that attachments do not exceed the mailbox permitted capacity. Fix applicable for OneList email approvals but not for the OneList native app.

Users who were assigned to multiple roles for an approval task would see multiple action buttons on the request. This issue is now fixed by eliminating duplicate action buttons.