Source System API Specification


The OneList Adapters will consume APIs published by the Source System providing the following integration services:

  • Get the outstanding task list

  • Get specific task details

  • Get task attachments

  • Perform task actions

  • Get user profile information

  • Save action attachment files (optional)

  • Get delegations (optional)

  • Save delegations (optional)

API technologies

The following integration technologies can be used:

  • Web Services

    • REST services

    • SOAP services

    • oData services

  • SAP RFC-enabled functions (BAPI’s)

  • ODBC connections (e.g. SQL queries and stored procedures)

Authentication Mechanisms

The following authentication mechanisms can be used by OneList adapters:

  • OAuth/OpenID Connect

  • Basic Authentication

It is common for the APIs to use a service account in the Source System for data retrieval and to perform task execution on behalf of the approver.

Detail Specification for the APIs