Use Azure Integration Services

The diagram below illustrates the design of OneList integration using Azure Integration Services. The key design concepts are:

  • Use the Line Of Business Connector to connect the source system. Azure provides a list of built-in LOB connectors, for example, SharePoint, Salesforce;

  • Use the OneList connector to connect and invoke the OneList APIs. The OneList connector is an Azure Logic App Custom Connector which you can create from the OneList API definitions (swagger json);

  • Implement the reliable message delivery design pattern using the Azure Service Bus message queues;

  • Develop the Azure Logic Apps for the OneList integration processes:

    • Integrating with the source system APIs to compose the sync messages for the OneList APIs and sending the messages to the outbound message queue;

    • Posting the messages in the outbound queue to OneList;

    • Getting task action requests from OneList;

    • Integrating with the source system APIs to perform the requested task action;

Please visit the following pages for implementation details and examples