1.2.3 FAB Request Maintenance (/IQX/FAB_DATA)

Monitor the workflow and view the transactional data of the Apps. This transaction provides the user with:

  • A view of the current and historical transaction status of each App.
  • A view of the App's data in its raw state.
  • Views of where the App is in relation to the workflow and who are the recipients of the current workflow action.
  • Tools to reassign or re-determine workflow recipients
  • Tools to adjust the current workflow status
  • View logs generated at any point in the workflow process.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Execute TCODE /IQX/FAB_DATA or from the FAB Workbench (/IQX/FAB) goto Reporting-→Transaction Report
  2. Enter the App name and/or Status and/or Instance GUID

  3. When only an App is entered, it will return all the instances of that App.

3. Highlight an instance to see all the data associated with the App's transaction. This includes all the Approvers, Form Data and Error log of the form. Approvers can be changed and redetermined in the Approvers tab.

4. A full audit trail of what happened with the form instance is available here.

5. Workflows can be Cancelled/Changed via the Form Headers section

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