1.1 Technical Architecture

Technical architecture overview

The technical architecture of Fiori Application Builder (FAB) contains three distinct layers: FAB back-end which is housed in SAP ERP, FAB front-end located in the SAP gateway server (embedded or centralised) and the FAB Application which is hosted on the client browser. A breakdown of each layers technical components are detailed below: 

- Presentation of SAPUI5 HTML controls with CSS
- Execution of JavaScript Functions and front-end validations
- Local storage for performance and temporary data and resource persistence 
 Gateway Server
- Installs FAB frontend transport
- Hosts the FAB Web Application 
- Dynamic interpretation of model definition and HTML generation
- Store of additional static HTML, JavaScript libraries and resource files e.g. logos, images
- Hosts the oData service
- Fiori Launchpad configuration (if desired)
- Authentication of user and SSO to ERP
- Installs FAB backend transport
- Designs the Application (FAB workbench)
- Defines and generates oData service implementation
- Data staging and monitoring
- SAP integration orchestration
- FAB role and Launchpad configuration
- ERP authorisations Apply