1.2.1 FAB Configuration (/IQX/FAB_CONFIG)

Configure Access to the Forms

Step-by-step guide

Enter transaction /IQX/FAB_CONFIG

  1. Roles: Roles are freely defined and assigned to individual forms. A class /IQX/CL_FORMS_WORKLIST_CLASS or its subclass can be assigned to a defined role as shown above.

  2. Forms for Roles: Assign the App to a Role/s

    • Sequence - used for arranging the App as a tile in the launchpad
    • Footer - can be used for grouping the App. This is displayed at the bottom of the App's tile
    • Sub Header - displayed under the App's description in the tile
  3. Roles for Users: Assign users to the Roles. Only users assigned to the role, assigned to an App will have access to that App.

    If Admin? is ticked the user gets access to an extra tab in MyForms - which says Administrator. It becomes available even if the user is not the actual agent of the form and allows a supervisory view of the particular form compared to a standard user.
    If a user is an administrator but it is required that they be limited a certain region or some other attribute of the form then further limitations can be implemented to separate administrators.
    It is achieved by creating an implementation of sub-class of /IQX/CL_FORMS_WORKLIST_CLASS and then entering this in the "Roles" configuration area where it says "Implementing Class for Worklist". Method FILL_WORKLIST_FOR_ROLE can then be used to further fine-grain whether a particular App is visible in the Administrator tab of MyForms. 

  4. Approvers (defined): Definition for approvers determination
  5. Auto-Generated Forms: An App can be started from another App.
     The App that can be automatically generated is entered here and set to active

  6. General Configuration: Maintain the Servers and URL for the landing page of the form tiles here during initial setup or subsequent change.

  7. App Configuration – shows the version of FAB installed and the background image

  8. Additional Libraries – repository for additional Javascript libraries that can be accessed by the App

  9. Global CSS – styling that is applied and can be accessed globally within FAB

  10. Javascript Editor – configuration of the javascript editor being used in the workbench

    This should be the URL of your gateway server plus /sap/bc/bsp/iqx/fab_script/default.htm.

    e.g. https://sapgatewayhost:port/sap/bc/bsp/iqx/fab_script/default.htm

  11. Documentation URL – configuration of the FAB documentation accessible from the workbench

    This should be the URL of the online documentation:  https://iqxbusiness.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IFAB/overview

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