1.2 How to Access FAB

Transaction codes

FAB is hosted within the SAP ERP back-end system. There are four main transaction codes that are used during application development.

Development and Configuration:

/IQX/FAB - This transaction navigates to the core FAB tool - FAB Workbench. FAB Workbench is the integrated workbench (ABAP and javascript) used to create/modify FAB application i.e. back-end, front-end UI and workflow.

/IQX/FAB_CONFIG - This transaction can apply system and application specific configuration i.e. configuration of application access; workflow assignment and grouping of applications.

Reporting and Analysis:

/IQX/FAB_DATA - This transaction displays application transactional data, including form field values, status of request and workflow details. As well as allowing form status modification.

/IQX/FAB_ANALYSIS - This transaction logs the field history of each transactions generated by an application. 

Step-by-step guide

It is suggested you save these transactions under your SAP Easy Access Menu > Favorites. This can be done by:

  1. Clicking on 'Favorites',
  2. Selecting 'Insert Transaction'
  3. Entering the transaction code and selecting the green tick.