Fiori App Builder (FAB) installation packages

This section explains the SAP related activities that require attention for Fiori App Builder setup.

Please note that for the installation packages:

  • FE refers to Front end server
  • BE refers to Back end server

Installation Packages

The FAB Product is deployed in the development packages /IQX/FAB, /IQX/FAB_COMMON, /IQX/FAB_NON_GW, /IQX/FAB_APP_GEN, /IQX/FAB_INTERACTIVE (only available for SAP NW 7.4 and above).  Regardless of the selected deployment option as described in section 1 (see above), FAB is always delivered in targeted packages for the Backend or Frontend servers.

The deployment of the FAB environment (development package /IQX/FAB) consists of:

  • BE Installation Package contains all of the Backend objects in the /IQX/FAB package.

                    ECC_K-YYYCOINIQX.SAR              where YYY = FAB Version
  • FE Installation Package contains all of the Front end objects in the /IQX/FAB package.


Customer Specific Development Object

It is recommended that a new package is created for customer-specific FAB development.   This will be required when the FAB provided superclass is extended (inherited).  

We recommend naming this class ZFAB for consistency.  Please set up your own custom package for FAB extensions in both the Front end and back end SAP systems.  This package will hold your custom extensions and development to support the Apps that you develop using FAB.

The package will also hold any additional gateway services that you may require for your custom app development.