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ControlFAB Workbench Documentation SAP Documentation
Text2.2.10.1 Text

Label Label
Text Area2.2.10.3 Text Area
Object Identifier2.2.10.4 Object Identifier
Select2.2.10.5 Select

Icon Icon
Image2.2.10.7 Image
Button2.2.10.8 Button
Toggle Button2.2.10.9 Toggle Button
HBox2.2.10.10 HBox
VBox2.2.10.11 VBox
Vertical Layout2.2.10.12 Vertical Layout
Div2.2.10.13 DivStandard HTML Div
Table2.2.10.14 Table
Grid Table2.2.10.15 Grid Table
Tree Table2.2.10.16 Tree Table
HTML2.2.10.17 HTMLStandard HTML Block
Excel Drop2.2.10.18 Excel DropFAB Control to allow uploading of Excel files
Upload Collection2.2.10.19 Upload Collection - for File Attachments
Toolbar2.2.10.20 Toolbar
Map2.2.10.21 MapGoogle Maps Image.  Requires Google Map API
Custom XML2.2.10.22 Custom XMLProvides ability to insert any SAP UI5 control through XML declaration
Custom Node2.2.10.23 Custom NodeProvides ability to insert custom XML nodes
Input2.2.10.24 Input
Date Picker2.2.10.25 Date Picker
Date Time Input2.2.10.26 Date Time Input

Radio Button Group and

Radio Button Radio Button Group and Radio Button

Checkbox2.2.10.28 Checkbox

Panel2.2.10.29 Panel
List2.2.10.30 List
List - Tree2.2.10.31 List Tree
Dialog2.2.10.32 Dialog
Popover2.2.10.33 Popover
Splitter2.2.10.34 Splitter
Object Page Layout2.2.10.35 Object Page Layout

Block Layout2.2.10.36 Block Layout
Dynamic Side Content2.2.10.37 Dynamic Side Content
Pie/Donut Chart2.2.10.38 Pie/Donut ChartFAB Control to display Pie/Donut Chart
Column/Bar Chart2.2.10.39 Column/Bar ChartFAB Control to display Column/Bar Chart
Tab Bar2.2.10.40 Tab Bar
Object Header2.2.10.41 Object Header
Search Field2.2.10.42 Search Field
Tile Container2.2.10.43 Tile Container
Wizard2.2.10.44 Wizard
Process Flow
 Shell2.2.10.45 Shell
 Grid Layout2.2.10.46 Grid Layout Grid

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