ServiceNow (SNOW) Adapter

Executives are loving the addition of ServiceNow Tasks to OneList Approvals making it easier than ever before to action these tasks for item like Change Requests and Access Requests seamlessly alongside their Capex Expenditure requests, Purchase order Approvals and leave requests.


OneList aggregates system workflow tasks across multiple backend applications into an accessible, intuitive and consistent executive experience. The reasons for doing this are:

  • Decisions are made sooner and this accelerates your business processes, removing bottlenecks.

  • Improved decisions are made with augmented data and decision support

  • Save Executive and Management time and frustration logging onto a variety of back ned systems all with different user experiences.

Now you can quickly, easily and confidently add ServiceNow Tasks to you OneList solution, alongside all your other tasks.

IQX OneList provides a ready to configure and run adapter for ServiceNow (SNOW) workflow tasks available on the ServiceNow App store. With the OneList adapter for ServiceNow, you can

  • Create rules for the approval events of any ServiceNow table.

  • Configure which fields should be pushed to OneList for display.

  • Configure the actions available in OneList for the approval task.

  • Synchronize and provision approver OneList accounts based on approver details in ServiceNow.

Sample of ServiceNow Tasks in OneList

Change Request Sample

Access Request Sample

OneList ServiceNow Adapter Application on App Store

The solution is easy to adopt and configure. Navigate to the store:!/store/home

Search for IQX and download!

Found the OneList Approvals Adapter!

For installation and Configuration please refer to: