SAP Workflow Development Guidelines

This document captures the OneList v6.5 SAP Workflow Development guidelines to ensure that the SAP workflows developed in the system are compatible with OneList Approvals.

Retrieving Approval Task Data

When OneList picks up new or changed work items in the system, it calls the method GET_OBJECT_DETAILS of the scenario’s implementation class to retrieve the workflow and document information to be sent to OneList.

OneList adapter supports the following data retrieval options:

Workflow Container

Business Objects (BO) attached to the workflow

Class Object attached to the workflow

Approval Task (Dialog Task)

For dialog task actions, all task action types are compatible with OneList SAP Adapters. However, it is advisable to use Decision Task as this enables a single point of processing logic that is in the workflow.

Dialog Task Action options:

Decision Task

The preferred option for task actions. This will enable a single point of logic in actioning the work item and the document.

All other action types

It is compatible with OneList, but the logic to action the work item and the document should be written inside the OneList Adapter’s EXECUTE_ACTION method. In the workflow logic, it is advisable to create a method/API where the action logic (approve, reject) will be performed that the workflow can use. This method/API can then be used by OneList as well when actioning the task. This ensures that only a single logic of action was used between the workflow and OneList.

Approver Comments

During the approver’s action, the approver can add a comment. When developing an approver comment functionality in the workflow, it is advisable to use the store it as attachment text into the task by calling the Function Module SAP_WAPI_ATTACHMENT_ADD. It will insert the approver comments as attachment text:

The comment can be read by calling the Function Module SAP_WAPI_GET_ATTACHMENTS and then followed by Function Module SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1.

Approver Attachments

Attachment files may also be stored in the work item as attachments binary. Function Module SAP_WAPI_ATTACHMENT_ADD can be used for attaching files into the work item.

Supporting Documents

Aside from the workflow attachments (attachment made during the approval of the approver), OneList can also retrieve the attachment files from the document e.g. Attachments in a Purchase Oder document. OneList supports multiple areas where the attachments are stored. The most common is in Generic Object Services (GOS). There was a case where attachments were stored in BDS that can also be retrieved in OneList.

In summary, below are the supporting document sources:

Document Attachments

  • Generic Object Services (GOS)

  • Business Document Service (BDS)

  • HCM Document Management

Workflow Attachments

  • Attachments can also be stored into the work item by using Function Module SAP_WAPI_ATTACHMENT_ADD

OneList Approval Supported Functionalities

Task Synchronisation

  • Ability to specify “Cut-Off” record to set the starting point of OneList task sync

  • Ability to pick up NEW tasks

  • Ability to detect CHANGES to existing tasks sent to OneList and resend the approval emails

Approval via Email

  • Ability to view approval data with rich user experience e.g. colour coded buttons to indicate approval or rejection, values are highlighted in bold for added contrast.

  • Ability to include attachments into the Email Approval notification

  • Ability to action via email e.g. Approve or Reject

  • Ability to add approver comments into the action

  • Ability to add approver attachments as supporting documents into the workflow

Error handling

  • Detection that the task has already been actioned

  • Detection that the user is not the correct approver

  • Detection that the email approval is not in the correct format

  • Error notification when the action returned an error from SAP

Temporary Switch On/Off of adapter

  • Ability to temporarily deactivate the adapter if necessary e.g. document data migration where huge document and workflows are being uploaded into the system and email approval is not expected.

OneList Transactions

Transaction Name


Transaction Name



OneList Config


OneList Work Item Header Cache


OneList Endpoint Test