2.1.4 Create a Split App

Create a Split App consisting of a Master and Detail Page.

When you use ‘Create’ in FAB to begin a new form the system provides a small template for you to start defining your App.

The default template consists of a Page, Form, Form Container and Form Element. With this template in place there is no

possibility to see the option to create Master and Detail Pages.

Step-by-step guide

  1. In order to be able to create the split application, remove all of the entries that have been automatically dropped onto the FAB definition and leave only the top element – Project.
  2. Set the Project property SplitApp to value true
  3. With the project line selected, right click and the option to Add Master Pages and Detail Pages becomes available.

    NOTE: These options are not available when you already have the default template dropped into your workbench

    after using ‘Create’. 

  4. Add the Master and Detail Pages and within them their own elements.