2.1.1 Project

This is the topmost node or the core in a FAB Application. The Project Node is automatically added when an application is created.

Properties of Project

  1. ID – unique identifier of the table
  2. Title – title of the project
  3. SplitApp – set the value to true if the Master-Detail layout will be used instead leave it blank (default to false)
  4. Properties File URL – 
  5. Background Color – field for setting the background color of the application. hexadecimal value (e.g. #92C632) can be used
  6. Background Image – field for setting the background image of the application. set the URL of where the image is stored.
  7. App Advanced.. – allow for setting advanced features on App or Split App
    eg for Split App
  8. App More.. – opens up the More Properties Dialog Screen
  9. Advanced.. – properties of the control not available in the above list can be added here. 

    Setting Additional Properties provides further information about the Advanced property

More Properties Dialog Screen

  1. defaultTransitionName – use the input help to select the transition setting of the App. Leaving it blank will set the transition to "fade" as default
  2. width – width setting
  3. height – height setting
  4. backgroundOpacity – opacity setting
  5. backgroundRepeat – background image repeat setting
  6. homeIcon – home button Icon
  7. initalPageField – set the ID of the Page that will initially be loaded when the App is executed