FAB 3.1


The main purpose of version 3 is to provide an easy and more functional workflow engine that supports parallel processing, locking of forms and other advanced workflow features. 

SAPUI5 Version requirement

SAPUI5 version 1.42 is a minimum requirement for version 3.1 of Fiori AppBuilder.

New Features:

  • Added the ability to configure a task in the Process Designer to run ABAP code in the background (System Task).
  • Now sorting form names alphabetically in the Admin section of MyForms.
  • Added templates to aid in the configuration of tasks and actions in the new Process Designer.
  • Added a new system field called ZinstanceURL that contains a link to the Form Instance.
  • Added additional value formatting options for the OneList integration.
  • Add Style Class property to Project Node so Compact or Cozy mode can be easily set.
  • Functions in all JavaScript nodes can now be searched from a menu option to help locate which script node the function was declared.
  • Added the ObjectStatus control to the Control Library.
  • Added a new search help option (Wizard) which helps determine search helps based on a table and field.
  • Now allowing widgets to be included in transports to facilitate moving them between systems.
  • Now providing the ability to completely delete or archive an app.
  • Now allowing TVARV variables to be used to set default field values.
  • Added the ability to capture comments when actions are executed in the process designer.
  • Removing unnecessary add/remove buttons for the workflow status table in the process flow control.
  • Added the following properties to the ObjectPageLayout Control: upperCaseAnchorBar, showFooter.
  • Now defaulting the workflow to the new Process Designer for all new apps.
  • FABProcessFlow field now hidden as a System Field.
  • Enhanced Search Helps to allow users to set Favorite options.
  • Enhanced Search Helps to limit which values are displayed based on Variant Variables set in STVARV.
  • Added a "Never ask me again" option when confirming that the private/public/protected sections will be updated with changes to the data model.
  • Added ZDocumentNumber to the available filter in the Admin section of MyForms.
  • Created a Template for creating an Approval Matrix app for the new Process Designer.
  • Added an ORIGINAL_ACTION parameter to help identify the original action when using Default Paths in the Process Designer.
  • Added more search helps in the OneList configuration setting.
  • Added some additional JavaScript helper functions for dealing with tables.
  • Now validating JavaScript syntax automatically on Save and Close.
  • Updated the help panel of the JavaScript editor and provide an option to hide and show easily.
  • Renamed title of FABProcessFlow control to "Process Flow".
  • Renamed the options for workflow configuration to Classic (old) and Process (new)
  • Add validations for the Audit Log Comments Field when only a section of the Data Model was being updated.
  • Added search help for the Audit Log Comments field to make it easier to select.
  • Level Status now defaulting to the Level Name in the Enhanced Workflow Designer.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with standalone apps that existed in 3.0.
  • Improved validations when using as Dynamic Page.
  • Validation error messages now getting correctly passed through to OneList.
  • Fixed a problem where filters for Select controls could not access root level fields in the data model.
  • The template export functionality now includes the workflow definition.
  • Now loading UI5 Resources Synchronously to aid with cache.manifest.
  • Fixed an issue where actions were not showing for the initiator when attachments were implemented.
  • Fixed a problem in the process designer where Insert Before or After wasn't working as expected.
  • Fixed the UX when binding a table to a new field in the data model.
  • Improved the Search Help value validation to prevent form submission if an invalid entry is entered.
  • Resolved an intermittent issue where control identification sometimes led to the properties window not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling out of the Wizard dialogs would still add fields to your app.
  • Fixed OneList integration compatibility with Netweaver 7.02 systems.
  • Fixed a bug where actions were not executing correctly in hub deployments.