FAB 2.3.3

DateSep 20, 2018
Issues12 issues


Minor improvements for date control, attachments, data model and Fiori launchpad deployment.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Improvements made to date handling with additional methods. Improvements to handling accounting dates vs submitted dates and handling display in different time zones
  2. Improvements to attachment controls for Upload collections. Automating the addition of the upload collection child when an item is added
  3. Improvements to the handling of the data model and the associated class. Control of the class updates made explicit with the developer.
  4. Converting an App to Standalone is improved for easy importation into Web IDE. Configuration of the apps in the Fiori launch pad is also improved.
  5. 2.3.2 - Minor bugs

All updates for this release


  • FAB-717 DONE SubmittedDate system field becomes type DATUM in GS_DATA instead of /IQX/DATE_TIME if System Fields are hidden at time of generation
  • FAB-662 DONE BDC Recording T-Code field not long enough
  • FAB-658 DONE Search Helps have issues when using data model fields in a structure
  • FAB-632 DONE VALIDATION_ON_SAVE not working
  • FAB-570 DONE fabPerformAction error


  • FAB-698 DONE Standalone and FLP - Consolidated
  • FAB-697 DONE Working with Data Model - Consolidated
  • FAB-696 DONE Working with Attachments - Consolidated
  • FAB-695 DONE Working With dates - Consolidated
  • FAB-664 DONE Stand Alone Apps - import to web IDE
  • FAB-642 DONE MyRequests - Independent FAB App with task count visible on Face of Tile
  • FAB-640 DONE Fiori Launchpad Navigation