FAB 2.0.7


  • Improved mandatory check in table cells
  • Custom success message improvements
  • Bug fix to rectify potential problem where hidden tables (eg in other tab) continuously fire updateFinished event
  • Updated log-out url parameter in app config
  • Increase background Image config length to 255
  • Added New Forms starter page in config


  • Fixed Form Visibility binding leaving gap 
  • Added Table "noAutoLoad" property
  • Added Table has 'keep Delete Button' property
  • HBOX can now contain a Table (to do VBOX, Vertical Layout)
  • OpenDialog CloseDialog actions on button pressed and other places
  • Text Bound field editor
  • Allow empty table columns to have no header
  • Selects can now be bound to Form Table data! (_rootModel)
  • Improved calculated fields - use ${FieldName} syntax eg: Input BoundField = praseFloat(${Field1}) + parseFloat(${Field2})
  • Added nested tab bars
  • Added Internationalisation - language-dependent texts using .properties file. see DEMO_INTERNATIONALIZATION
  • Added CSS Style editor
  • Class attribute added to text
  • HBoxes widths and heights
  • Icon Bound Icon
  • Bug fix to resolve issue that sometimes caused short dump and required /IQX/FAB_RECOVER
  • Fixed memory leak - keeping http session open 
  • Prompt "are you sure you want to exit?" added

New Controls:

  • Tile Container, Custom Tile
  • CSS
  • Custom Node - opens up possibilities for controls not provided directly by FAB - great for prototyping
  • FAB Forms to Roles config view improved - sequence of tiles available 
  • Launchpad