FAB 2.0.8

Front End

  • internatiationalization using properties file
  • most hard-coded terms used by the front-end were replaced with resources in the “i18n.properties” file.
  • this means it is a simple matter of adding files such as i18n.properties.de (with language prefix .de for German for example) to the front-end to allow messages to be displayed in the log-on language.

The following were internationalized:


appTitle = FAB

appDescription=IQX FAB

saveSuccessMessage = Processing Successful

saveSuccessTitle = SUCCESS

saveSuccessOKButton = OK

savingDialogMessage = Saving Data

saveErrorMessage = Error saving form data

validationErrorMessage = Validation Error

connectionTimeOutMessage = Connection timed out

completionPageText = Thank You

complettionPageMessage = The action has been completed

loggedOutText = Logged Out

loggedOutMessage = You have logged out

To accompany these, new functions were added which allow some of the success message texts to be changed/set on a per-app basis. The functions added were:

    • fabSetSaveSuccesMessageTexts = function(saveSuccessTitle, saveSuccessMessage, saveSuccessOKButton) (see CAPITAL_EXPENDITURE_FORM)
    • fabSetSavingDialogMessage = function(savingDialogMessage) (see CAPITAL_EXPENDITURE_FORM)
    • a new function was added which allows to enable/disable the ‘check for changes’. That is, the message that pops up and says “Changes were made, do you really want to exit” ) (see STOCK_BALANCES2)
    • a new function to allow auto-save (or quite save) which does not present a ‘saving dialog’ –
      • fabAutoSave = function(oAction, oDraftIndicator, timeSavedField);  (see DEMO_WIZARD2)
    • new functions for navigating between pages in a Split-App
      • goToMasterPage
      • goToDetailPage


  • with configurable back-end RFC destination and utility function
  •      E_RFC_DEST       = lv_rfc_dest.
    • Page - showbackButton - can use 'false' (previously only true and blank worked)
    • Custom Nodes now show in tree with name of type of node
    • New Forms have iteration '00001', otherwise it is not possible to revert to iteration '00000'
    • ** refactor to be able to run on stand-along Gateway Server **
    • BDC recorder (half-complete – work in progress)
    • Wizard/Wizard Step [half-complete) (see DEMO_WIZARD2)
    • Project node has an “xmlns” attribute allowing the definition of extra namespaces that may be needed for UI5 controls not in the sap.m namespace (eg Grid Table)
    • Other minor improvements