IQX FAB Demo Apps Functional Checklist

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Functional Checklist

Functional Checklist



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Functional Specification required
Functional Discussion complete
Non-functional Requirements complete
Cutover implications - has this been considered?

Performed by IQX Business Analyst and Business User or BA

Functional requirements define what the system does or must not do.

Target devices (laptop / desktop / 2-in-1s / Pad / phone)
Theming / Colours / Logos


Expected Volume
User experience (restrictions / guidelines / client needs)


Non-functional requirements specify how the system should do it. These includes the following:
Target UI5 version
Target browsers
Deployed to cloud / on-premise
Fiori LaunchPad or FAB LaunchPad
Scanners to be used?
OCR to be used?


Aug 6, 2021

Test Scenarios required

Performed by IQX Business Analyst or Test Specialist

High-level scenarios that answers “What do we need to test?”


Test Cases required

Performed by IQX Business Analyst or Test Specialist

Test Cases are the set of positive, negative and exceptional executable steps of a test scenario which contains the following:

Pre-conditions, Test data, Expected result, Post-conditions and Actual results.


Performed by Business User

Test Data that covers all positive and negative Test Cases.


Performed by IQX Business Analyst or Business User

Complete flow, including all variations / paths.
Identify possible system tasks where the user that does the approval does not have the rights / auths to execute the next step.





Security Design Considerations



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