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Creating an application

You can begin to create an application in a few easy steps.

From the welcome dialog
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Or from inside the Workbench

Step-by-step guide

  1. Enter TCODE /IQX/FAB into the command bar and select Execute
  2. Select the Create option in the workbench toolbar, this will launches
  3. Both of the option below will launch a dialogue box to capture the new application's form properties
    1. From the welcome dialog, click on the Create New Project button
    2. When already inside the workbench (e.g. while displaying an existing application) select the Create option in the workbench toolbar
  4. It's best practice to enter the applications name under the Form ID, provide a Description and select an Icon. Note that the forms Owner will defaulted to your user ID. 
  5. Once property details have been entered, select Save in the bottom right-hand corner of the dialogue box. This will create a blank project with a Page, Form, Form Container and Form Element as a default set of UI Elements. 
  6. Before leaving the workbench, select Save on the standard SAP toolbar, to commit the new application into SAP.


Please refer to 2.1.1 2 Properties for the details of each of the properties.