2.9.2 Background Colours

In FAB, you can customise the background colour of the landing page as well as for each App.

  • Setting App Background Colour

    1. Open the App in Workbench
    2. Click the Project node
    3. In the property Background Color, set a hexadecimal value
    4. Save the form and check the form's background colour change to the set value

  • Setting FAB App Background Colour

    1. Login into the gateway system
    2. Go to MIME Repository (SE80→MIME Repository)
    3. Navigate to node SAP→ BC→ BSP→ IQX→ FAB2
    4. Right click on FAB2 folder and select "Import MIME Objects"
    5. Browse for the image file (Note, check supported MIME types)
    6. On the pop up window enter a description
    7. Click "OK"
    8. Login to ECC system
    9. Go to FAB Configuration
    10. Go to App Configuration and specify the URL for the image e.g. http://iqxsapdemo.cloudapp.net:8000/sap/bc/bsp/iqx/fab2/fabbggray.jpg