2.4.2 Re-define methods

The Code option takes you to the Implemented Class where you can make any additional ABAP code changes that you may require.
 The methods can be redefined by clicking on .


Methods redefined by the FAB Workbench tool will have pre-populated set of codes that can be used as a guide. Below is a sample redefinition of the method "Default Fields first time Form is loaded" having initial set of codes.


Methods not available in the Form-Life Cycle dialog can be manually be re-defined from the class.

Step-by-step guide

How tro redefine a method from FAB

  1. Click on  to bring up the Form-Life Cycle dialog
  2. Click on  beside the method that you would like to get redefined or implemented


    Ensure that the class is not opened in change mode otherwise the redefinition of the methods will fail

  3. Provide the transport request number
  4. Click on  again to display the redefined method.