2.12.6 How to delete a draft instance

This article is about how to implement delete function of an instance of a form which is not listed in My Forms.

Step-by-step guide

Implement the following step

  1. Amend the workflow of the form to have the following highlighted actions and status changes for action:
    1. New action, name DELETE for status Draft is introduced.
    2. New status changed, named "Deleted" for Action DELETE is added.
  2. Implement method PERFORM_ACTIONS_FOR_STATUS_CHG of a class inherited from the base class /IQX/CL_FORMS_BASE_CLASS

Once implement, the form in Draft status will have Delete button. If the Delete button is pressed, the form instance status will be changed to Deleted and marked as Deleted. It will not appear in the My Forms list but still be tracked by using admin report /IQX/FAB_DATA.