2.11.3 FAB Offline App

How it’s done in FAB

Briefly, in Properties, tick 'Stand-Alone UI5 App' and ‘Offline App’. Enter 'UI5 App Name' then generate. It will the assign the 'UI5 Repository Path'.

Note: this creates a separate app with a separate URL


The ‘regular’ app still works but without off-line capability.

How does it work?




Start the App while On-Line

Start the app while on-line, enter Functional Location and press ‘Get Notifications’

Step 1 – go Off line and re-load the app.

The last saved data remains

* using Chrome developer tools (F12), can simulate off-line in the Network tab 

Step 2 – choose a notification and attempt to complete it.

Message will appear and notification will be marked as ‘Pending’

Step 3 – attempt to Submit

When off-line, submission cannot take place. Message will appear

Step 4 – go on-line again and Complete a different notification

*Note, request may fail if user is no longer logged-in. In this case, need to refresh the app. Data should be still saved in last state

Notification marked as ‘Complete’ in main list

Step 5 – go off line and attempt to Submit

Step 6 – go back on line and submit

Result: ‘Pending’ notification now completed and removed from list. Also ‘Completed’ notifications removed from list