2.3.5 Dynamic Status Change

Dynamic status change is possible in FAB by updating the fields C_STATUS_REDETERMINED, C_NEW_STATUS and C_NEW_APPROVAL_LEVEL in method PERFORM_ACTIONS_FOR_STATUS_CHG in the implementing class.

This will be useful in cases where the status change needs to deviate from the normal status path. For example, during approval of the Vendor Create form, if the creation is successful, the status is changed to "Complete", however, if there's any error in creating the vendor, the status needs to change to an "Error" stage where the AP team can take a look and action the task. Possible actions can be rejecting the form back to the requester or manually updating some AP fields before resubmitting into SAP.

This can be achieved by following these steps:

  1. In FAB Workbench's Workflow screen, Actions Allowed for Current Status section, list all the possible statuses e.g. Initial, Review, Complete and Error statuses with their corresponding action buttons:

  2. Then in the same screen's Status Changes for Actions, list all the "normal" status changes:

  3. During form submission, when the form goes into method PERFORM_ACTIONS_FOR_STATUS_CHG, you can dynamically change the status depending on the result of the processing. Change the parameters C_STATUS_REDETERMINED, C_NEW_STATUS and C_NEW_APPROVAL_LEVEL and the request will be changed to that status. Also, don't forget to update any SAP tasks (in case the app uses one) to assign tasks to new agents: