2.3.6 Determining Approvers – early test

You can test and debug the code that you have setup to determine your workflow approvers

without having to go through the process of submitting a form and then logging on as the

approver to check the outcome.

Usually for a full process flow test you need to have several approvers

with their userid’s and passwords ready and you also have to log in and out

using them for each stage of the approval process.

This tip enables you to do some early repetitive testing of your process flow before you actually

begin to test the full flow by repeatedly logging in and out with different userid’s.

It also allows for parallel development and a pre-test of what you intend to occur in the quest for approvers.

When FAB is in full flight and you are approving using ‘My Forms’ ->’To Approve’ section it can be difficult

to test and have visibility of the intended approvers because a separate session is running.

Follow these steps:

 1. Once you have just a bit of your form created you can submit it and have it waiting with some data captured.

2.  You can proceed with the following steps or hand over to another developer to test the workflow process.

3. Place you workflow determining code into the redefined methods DETERMINE_APPROVERS_ON_SAVE

    and DETERMINE_APPROVERS_WORKFLOW. Put a temporary external breakpoint into the code.


4.  Start transaction /IQX/FAB_DATA and select the form you are working on. The system will drop into the code

     (set up in step 2) with the data for the first line in the list of forms. If this is not the instance of the form that

     you want to test then move through the debug statements.

5.  Select the instance of the form that you do want to test and FAB once again drops into your debug code.

     You can now step through your code and verify that the correct approvers are being captured.

     This also updates the approvers section of the data report.