2.3.2 FAB SAP Workflow Template - Import and Configuration

IQX FAB SAP Workflow

The FAB SAP Workflow needs to be setup at each site because transporting it into an established system may cause the numbering of the existing workflows at the site to be overwritten.

Once the workflow is setup as per below steps it can then be used within your FAB Implementation Class to start a workflow and task along with all of the advantages that come with standard SAP workflow functionality. Set the Use with SAP Workflow property of your App to Yes - with Activity Task.

The only responsibility of the FAB developer is to provide the agents of the tasks and the task descriptions. 

It is recommended that before you follow the steps below that you have the following pre-requisites available on your system:

YFABDEMO.XML  Generic FAB workflow

YFABDEMO2.XML Generic FAB workflow - Decision Step

Package such as ZIQX

Class /IQX/CL_FAB_WORKFLOW_ASSIST installed on your system


Use transaction PFTC_INS and create a new Workflow Template


Press Create

Set Name

Click “Workflow Builder”

Import Workflow from XML File

Import XML (exported from IQX system)

Workflow->Import/Export->Import from XML File

 Workflow is imported

Go to Header and change name back to “IQXFAB1”

Press Save

Create FAB Approval Task

Double-click “FAB Approval” activity


Clear out the Task Number and Choose “Create Task”

Enter name “FAB Approval Step”

Create Container Elements:


Set as Import/Export





Basic Data

Set Object Method:



Set Work Item Text






Set Terminating Events


Set Binding of Event

Check and Save

Go Back

Binding is proposed – accept it


Create New Rule



Press “Create”





Note Rule Number

(here 91000008)

Set Rule Number in Workflow Activity