3.2. IQX Services Activation

  1. Central Hub Deployment

    1. In SAP Gateway, go to transaction SICF and hit F8
    2. Enable all the nodes related to FAB including the sub nodes
    3. Go to transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE and add the services /IQX/FAB_SRV and /IQX/SERVICES_SRV
      • Select /IQX/FAB_SRV service and at the bottom left hand side, click the “ICF node” button and then “Activate”. The node for oData at the bottom should show as green:
      • Follow the same steps for /IQX/SERVICES_SRV
      • Enabling the services in the gateway requires an Alias setup from the gateway to the backend system with login Trusted Relationship. The alias should be generic and points to a generic ABAP RFC Connection. Then only the ABAP RFC Connection should be created and specifically pointed to the appropriate ECC backend system e.g. Dev, QA, PRD. The alias should be generic as to refrain from being changed when the alias configuration is moved into different systems.
      • Click the “Customizing” button to see the system alias configuration of the oData service:

      • The SAP System Alias should be generically named e.g. FAB and should be manually maintained in SM59 on each system e.g. Dev, QA, PRD.

      • Ensure that the SM59 RFC Connection (in Gateway) has the following settings in the “Logon & Security” tab:

        • Language = “EN”
        • Client = development client or the client where FAB is configured
        • User = BLANK
        • Current User = Ticked
        • PW Status = is initial
        • Trust Relationship = Yes
        • Click on “Connection Test” button and ensure that the connection works.

         If you have a separate client in the development system e.g. Unit Test, select the System Alias that points to the Unit Test client if you wish to perform testing on this client. Take note that you need to copy the FAB app that you created in the Development client into the Unit Test client. You can do this by either the FAB export/import functionality or by using SCC1 to copy the contents of your transport request.

      • In addition, users need to have login to the gateway system with role S_RFCACL included in their roles.

  2. Embedded Deployment

    1. The same steps mentioned in Central Hub deployment need to be done in the backend system.