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New Features

Release Notes

The method SET_MESSAGE_SUBJECT of class CL_BCS in /IQX/CL_FORMS_ASSIST->SEND_MAIL can be implemented to extend the email subject to more than 50 characters.

Created a new API that allows the retrieval of work item history in multi-level approval.

Added validation when assigning a BSP App Name for stand-alone apps. A warning message will be triggered when the app name does not start with the letter Z or Y, or forward slash (if using a customer namespace, like /IQX/). An error message gets triggered when there is no app name specified.

Added new menu options when right-clicking the Project Node of a stand-alone app to Add manifest.json or Add Component.js.

The stand-alone version of the IQX My Forms app has a new tab called Actioned By Me that lists all the forms that were actioned by the user (like Approve/Reject), but it does not include the forms submitted by the user.
The IQX My Forms app can be deployed to the customer system based on the project requirements.

Set the FAB Charts default appearance to Normal instead of Glossy, to match the style other VizFrame and MicroCharts.

Added a new ABAP user-exit called GET_ALLOWED_ACTIONS, which can be implemented to modify or supplement the allowed actions determined via the workflow engine.

Improved the FAB JavaScript Editor with syntax highlighter for XML, JSON, HTML and CSS files, and also added a pretty print function for XML files.

For stand-alone apps, Views, Controllers, and generic XML, JSON files have enhanced options to allow the saving on any given directory in the BSP repository. Custom Headers can be used in cases where Views use Controllers that are not the in 'controllers' folder of the BSP Repository which is relevant when creating custom Fiori Launchpad Tiles.

The Component ID used in stand-alone apps can be customized and set upon generation of the stand-alone app.

Added a new logic in /IQX/ONELIST_JOBS_EXECUTION program for job monitoring that notifies OneList periodically using the new API Notify (/onelistserver/api/DataSync/Notify).
A new configuration NOTIFY_ONELIST has been added in transaction /IQX/OL_CONFIG > OneList Global Settings to enable or disable notification calls to OneList.

The code export/import functionality of FAB (via the Code Dialog) now supports BSPs, MIMEs, SICF Nodes, and some Workflow artifacts. This feature makes it more efficient to move stand-alone apps and workflows from one system to another.

Created a new OneList Utility Class /IQX/CL_ADAPTER_UTIL to allow saving of attachment with comments in OneList.

For sample implementations, see documentation:

Added a new configuration in transaction /IQX/OL_CONFIG > OneList Global Settings > EMAIL_SOURCE to allow the retrieval of the email address from different sources.

For more information, see documentation:
Workflow Adapter setup

Bug Fixes

Release Notes

Fixed an issue in the Function Module /IQX/GET_FORM_DATA to correctly retrieve all the attachments by the key on OneList.

Made adjustments on the Roles information in the FAB Process Designer.

Fixed an issue in the FAB Action where the value from the ID field of CT_RESULTS is not getting passed to the frontend.

Fixed an issue when copying a Project in FAB where the Component-preload settings of a stand-alone app are not copied to the new Project.

Fixed an issue when using Fragments in a stand-alone app where the commands getControl and this.byId(controlId) do not work as expected because the IDs are prefixed with '_view1--'.

Fixed an issue in the FAB Process Flow (Method: HANDLE_ACTIONS_BEFORE_SAVE) where the status cannot be determined if the user is both the Approver and the Initiator of the Task.

Fixed an issue in the FAB Process designer Notification where the Condition is not evaluated when creating the notification at run-time. Hence, the sub-section is always part of the notification.

Fixed an issue in the FAB Process designer when defining Role Agents and using the character dash (-) in the User ID is considered as invalid. 

Fixed an issue in the FAB Form where the table /IQX/FORM_ESCAL does not get updated when increasing the form’s iteration.

Fixed an issue in the Select control where the mandatory function does not work as expected. The field does not get highlighted in red and there is no error message when the condition is not met.

Fixed an issue in the OneList adapter where the Document ID gets truncated to 46 characters. Adjusted the destination data type to String.

Fixed an issue in the /IQX/CL_JSON class where a runtime error gets generated due to inconsistent data types.

Added an authorization check to transaction code /IQX/OL_ENDPOINT.

Fixed an issue in the OneList Adapter where the ASCII attachments are being sent as an empty file to OneList.

Fixed an issue in the OneList Adapater to allow comments longer than 255 characters in OneList. Adjusted the data type to String.